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The statistics are staggering. 81% of the rural youth, less than 35yrs of age, in Punjab have shorn hair. Wasn’t Punjab once a Sikh majority state in India? Where are the Sikhs? According to an article in the magazine Outlook (October, 2006 issue), the majority were last seen entering barber shops. My heart weeps. We couldn’t be annihilated by the Mughals. We couldn’t be murdered by the Brahmins. Instead, our people have chosen suicide! Sikhi is being sliced, cut and shredded in barber shops.

 Is the Sikh leadership worried? If it is the likes of Parkash Singh Badal you look to, they are simply adapting to the reality. While we are waking up now to this epidemic these leaders recognized this trend a while ago. They “secularized”[1] the Akali Dal by making it open to non-Sikhs. They have added dancers[2] to their routine of political conventions. They distribute free alcohol to those who attend. So, no! They are not worried.

 It is our – every Sikh’s - burden. Many of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and even little kids have sacrificed their lives for the Sikh identity. We cannot let this tsunami of apostasy wreak havoc in our foundations. We must:

  • Protect our institutions: For this we have to get rid of the yoke of democracy imposed upon us. Khalsa way of administration is under the leadership of Panch (well recognized, wise, enlightened, selfless and rehatvan Gursikhs) nominated (not elected) by Sadh Sangat. Rule of majority is ruining us.
  • Guard our Rehat: A Panthic, respectable periodical, “Abstracts of Sikh Studies”, Vol VIII Issue 3, printed an article titled “isK srUp – mIfIAw PYSn Aqy AsIN”. I humbly object to the call in the article to design fashionable Sikh dresses and perhaps find new ways to tie our beards in order to stem the trend to cut hair. The Sikh image – un-tampered, flowing beard, double dastar as a crown, wearing Gatra-Kirpan and sparkling sarbloh Karreh – is one blessed upon us by Guru Sahib. It does not need a fashion make over. Focus needs to be on sharing Sikh Ideology unparalleled in its simple, scientific practicality.

 While there are several other aspects to worry about in the broad battle against the RSS multi-faceted attack on Sikhism, the above are particularly impacted by the cut-hair phenomenon.

 Once gain, I humbly beg forgiveness from all our readers for the delay in getting this issue out. We are sincerely working towards a smooth workable schedule. Please bear with us.

Harpreet Singh

[1] “Everybody’s Party” - http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20050420/edit.htm

[2] http://www.panthic.org/news/125/ARTICLE/2776/2006-09-27.html

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